About Me


I am a first-year Master of City Planning student at MIT in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, where I work with Professor Larry Susskind as part of the Science Impact Collaborative. My primary research interest is land use and siting conflicts around clean energy development. I’m hoping to spend my time in graduate school learning about energy systems and stakeholder engagement in public policy.

Before graduate school, I worked for several years as a researcher at the Breakthrough Institute, a think tank in Oakland, CA. My work there covered a range of environmental topics related to land use, including a study of the land-use efficiency of different electricity sources and an essay series on food production. I was able to engage in both academic research as well as writing for a popular audience at sites like VoxSlate, and the San Francisco Chronicle. You can check out more of my publications here.

I did my undergraduate work at Tufts University, majoring in International Relations and German. I studied US and German energy policy and spent my junior year in Germany at the University of Tübingen studying EU politics and the Energiewende. After graduating from Tufts, I moved to Berlin for about a year and worked at IFOK, a sustainability consulting company. While I was in Berlin I kept a blog about German and US energy policy called Transatlantic Energy (I’m no longer updating it but you can view old posts).

Outside of work, I like going to dance classes (I grew up doing ballet, now I do modern dance and some hip-hop), walking around Cambridge listening to podcasts, getting out of town for day hikes, and reading (usually contemporary fiction).

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